Blonde Water Dog Tackles Year of the Dragon


Good morning!

And Happy (Lunar) New Year! Well, happy highly-overlooked-but-still-auspicious Lunar New Year Plus Six Days! …Right on schedule with my (biannual) post-New Years procrastination timeline.

A few neurotic thoughts about the New Year:

In my little world, the first (Western, Gregorian) New Year is a strict test run of repentance, willpower and dedication to my forsworn resolutions. I will be better in all ways unto myself and others. To prove my commitment I make lists. Lists make life official. Have you seen my lists? They are immaculately drafted, color-coordinated, redrafted. Martha Stewart would praise my organization, Gandhi would praise my aspirations. Consequently, each January 1st holds shiny new expectations of me.

Lunar New Year (i.e. New Year: The Sequel) tosses a ladder up to my pedestal and softly, with a slightly patronizing tone, reminds me that I am not Gandhi. This New Year adopts a more carefree, practical perspective than its bossy cousin. January 23rd (*plus 6 days*) is a forgiving reality check. It’s been over three weeks. Have you truly dedicated yourself to being a healthier, proactive, more gracious individual? January is almost over, stop color coding. Who are you really impressing? Come back to the dark side. 

So, what’s with the jar?

This is my dark side. Ok, this is more like, my gray area. At the end of January, I am back to my regularly scheduled programming and the immaculate lists have been downgraded to a more palatable, do the best you can, dear, it’ll be ok… probably.

Kaya is my Baby New Year.

As you are well aware, I root through grocery stores the world over like a truffle hog. I discovered (read: finally caught on to) Kaya, while burrowed in the Nutella aisle. Since this is not a food blog, all I will say is it is delicious. I smugly, recklessly, slather this taste sensation on toast and remind myself how awesome I am. Is this what Oprah would eat for breakfast (lunch, midday snack, post-dinner celebration of dinner)?

Be realistic. What would Liz Lemon do?

Happy New Year. Pass the spoon.


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