“We come to NYC now to eat food and go to bars.”

Good morning!

Malaysia?!  Without telling me first!  Friendship over.  FRIENDSHIP. OVER.

Just kidding!  You know I can’t stay away.  Except, you know, when we’re separated by miles and continents and oceans.  Though, the Angry Birds LARPing was almost enough for me to immediately forgive you.  Instead, I chose to punish you by not updating last week, not because I was totally crazily busy and didn’t even do laundry or any other normal things and instead decided to attend the book launch for King Peggy and make an appearance at the reunion show of the cast of The Adventures of Pete & Pete at the Bowery Ballroom and eat my weight in all the best/worst food or anything.

Oh, you want to hear more about the food?  I know you do, and you should.  It was just about the most American thing I’ve done this year.  Please, live vicariously through me and my increasingly expanding waistline (Zumba tonight and for the rest of my life!). Continue reading


Cultural Attache: Malacca Edition

Good morning!

So, um, did I mention I went to Malaysia last week?

Right. Well, a friend and I trotted off to Malacca for three days; a trip facilitated by a lack of regular employment and cheap, frequent buses. Hooray!

Malacca is a lovely old port city approximately three to four hours driving time from our starting point. It was the Singapore of its heyday, if you will, steeped in a rich and vibrant history. It is now a World Heritage Site, known for its distinctive food and vibrant multiculturalism. In short, we did a lot of eating and walking in the wicked heat. In lieu of cleverly documenting my first trip to Malaysia in prose, I’ve decided to post my top five highlights via photos. Continue reading

Jessica Says #1

Good morning!

In preparing for this week’s entry, I went through many topics, from Hubs’ big 3-0 to the Big Move (of which you were not here to supervise and thus it was not as fun as the last one) to the weirdly non-winter weather we’re having stateside (seriously, it’s like fake spring).  I also toyed around with waxing poetic about how my personality is equal parts Liz Lemon, Jess Day, and Lorelai Gilmore.

Instead, I’ve decided to introduce a segment called Jessica Says.  I know you’re always looking for new shows and music and books and other awesome nonsense I find, and I also know you trust my knowledgeable opinion.  So… let’s get to it! Continue reading