Cultural Attache: Malacca Edition

Good morning!

So, um, did I mention I went to Malaysia last week?

Right. Well, a friend and I trotted off to Malacca for three days; a trip facilitated by a lack of regular employment and cheap, frequent buses. Hooray!

Malacca is a lovely old port city approximately three to four hours driving time from our starting point. It was the Singapore of its heyday, if you will, steeped in a rich and vibrant history. It is now a World Heritage Site, known for its distinctive food and vibrant multiculturalism. In short, we did a lot of eating and walking in the wicked heat. In lieu of cleverly documenting my first trip to Malaysia in prose, I’ve decided to post my top five highlights via photos.

1. Seriously, it is a beautiful city.

2. And there are kittens. At Church.

3. They’ve got this guy.

4. And super creepy mannequin-based dioramas are very popular. This one was my favorite due to the Michael Jackson lookalike.

5. Happiest moment hands down was watching a group of students LARPing Angry Birds. If I had my wits about me, this would have been a video.


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