“We come to NYC now to eat food and go to bars.”

Good morning!

Malaysia?!  Without telling me first!  Friendship over.  FRIENDSHIP. OVER.

Just kidding!  You know I can’t stay away.  Except, you know, when we’re separated by miles and continents and oceans.  Though, the Angry Birds LARPing was almost enough for me to immediately forgive you.  Instead, I chose to punish you by not updating last week, not because I was totally crazily busy and didn’t even do laundry or any other normal things and instead decided to attend the book launch for King Peggy and make an appearance at the reunion show of the cast of The Adventures of Pete & Pete at the Bowery Ballroom and eat my weight in all the best/worst food or anything.

Oh, you want to hear more about the food?  I know you do, and you should.  It was just about the most American thing I’ve done this year.  Please, live vicariously through me and my increasingly expanding waistline (Zumba tonight and for the rest of my life!).

Saturday started the way all Saturdays should start: with donuts.  Delightfully sugary, doughy, diabetes-inducing donuts from the aptly named Dough.  I have had my fair share of donuts in this life, but this is not one I will soon forget.  I mean, go look at those pictures.  Seriously, go ahead, I’ll just wait here.

And I am teeeeeeelling you… IIIIII’m not go-oo-ing… you’re the best man I’ll eeeever know… there’s no way I can eeeeeeev-

Ahem… you’re back?  Well, wipe the drool from your chin before we continue.  Good.  You see?  That’s some serious donut right there.  I had a glazed AND (yes, and) a cheesecake with graham crackers.  At one point whilst eating said glazed donut, I looked down to see it was already half gone, and I panicked.  It was so delicious, I was briefly hypnotized by it and couldn’t do anything but eat.  I felt kind of sugar-sick during the cheesecake but QUITE LITERALLY I couldn’t stop eating.  The dough is amazing, and it practically melts in your mouth.  I will never be able to understand how I ate 2 without passing out.  In our post-donut haze, though we’d only been awake for about 2 hours, we took a brief nap, dreaming of more donuts.  Maybe that was just me.

Also, we had brunch on Sunday, as you tend to do on Sunday late morning, at a place called Fonda.  I ordered my dish with a slight Latina accent because I think it’s fun to say huevos, and it was a delectable mix of the aforementioned huevos, queso, tomates, jalapenos, y salsa verde.  Much like Winnie the Pooh, I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate.  Also much like Winnie the Pooh, I couldn’t fit through the door and had to wait a few days until I could be heave-hoed out.

Alright, so maybe that’s not true.  What is true, however, is that we had an excellent visit to Brooklyn.  We’ve been to New York so many times now that we’re covered most of the touristy destinations.  Now, like I said this weekend and like I said in the title of this entry, we go to eat and drink.  Trip successful.

Finally, bowling alley bars serve baked mac-n-cheese and cheesy fries with gravy.  In case you were curious.


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