May the odds be ever in your favor!

Good morning!!

Did you know that I am one of the first people to see The Hunger Games?

It’s true!  In a moment of sheer dumb luck, I won 2 tickets to attend Wednesday night’s advanced screening of one of the biggest movies in recent years.  When I announced (via Twitter, natch) that I’d won these tickets, a tidal wave made of congratulations and jealousy slammed into me, followed by pleas to “Take me with you!”  However, I had to go with the vows on this one, so I went with Larry.  (Oh, from now on, I’m referring to Hubs as Larry.  You know why.)  It was a fairly strange event, as I’ve never attended an advanced screening like this before, so I thought I’d tell you all about it.  Live through me! Continue reading



Good morning!

I see your two weeks and raise you two days. Writing is hard. Plus, I’ve let myself procrastinate in part due to the construction of an elevator just outside my door and OH DEAR GOD CAN YOU STILL HEAR ME? ALL THE WORDS IN MY HEAD ARE BEING DRILLED OUT BY THE BARRAGE OF … ah, break… various hammering and, OH FOR F*CKS SAKE, DRILLING THAT HAS BEEN INFILTRATING MY…house. Humph. Continue reading