Jessica Says #2 (aka the superhero edition)

Good morning!

I am so excited for The Avengers that it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  SO, I thought I’d hit you up with a Jessica Says that’s all themed and whatnot.

The Avengers
Um, duh.  That’s what this post is about.  This is going to be the biggest movie evar.  So many good reviews… I am stoked to see this not just because it’s going to be awesome with a side of awesome but also for Joss.  I’m a Whedonite through and through, so I know this won’t be just another action/comic book film.  Joss Whedon brings life and depth and nuance and perfection to everything he does.  Grr. Argh. Yay.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Warning: the following paragraph is a fangirly rant about the wonders of Tahereh and her excellent talent.  This book is the reason I started writing reviews for Wastepaper Prose.  I just had to read it before it hit the shelves.  And then I read it again almost immediately.  Juliette hasn’t spoken in 264 days.  (See?  Don’t you already want to read it?)  She also has the ability to torture with a single touch.  There’s suspense and intrigue and romance and villains and it’s just really good.  The other great thing is that the author is pretty much the sweetest person that’s ever existed.  She called me a storyteller.  This is a true fact that I’ve heard before, but when you hear a wonderfully talented writer call you a storyteller, you kinda feel like passing out.

I’m prepared for you to make the fun of me for waiting so long on this one too, as you did with the Abbey, but don’t forget I live in the US and we have lots of other shows with way less cursing to slog through.  The short version is, it’s juvenile delinquents with extraordinary abilities.  The long version is way too long to post here, but really, all you need to know is that it’s dark, it’s crass, and it’s ab-so-lute-ly hilarious.  My favorite character is Nathan, played ever so perfectly by the excellently named Robert Sheehan.  And the theme song is catchy as all hell.  SAVE ME BARRY!

This shirt
…which I own and wear every chance I can which means if it’s clean, I’m wearing it.  I may even be wearing it as you read this sentence.  It’s made out of that magic cotton that only awesome t-shirts are made out of.  Plus, I get to represent Captain America, who punched out Adolf Hitler 200 times.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight
Season eight, you say?  But there were only seven seasons!  Yes, there were only seven seasons… on television.  Season Eight is a series of (wait for iiiiiit) comic books.  And they’re awesome.  It continues the story from the TV show, and it goes places you didn’t even know were coming.  We meet future slayers and Oz’s family and one of the Potentials develops a crush on Buffy.  OH, and the Big Bad’s name is Twilight.  Apparently, the pun was accidental, but it’s still appreciated.

So that’s what Jessica says.


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