Sounding board

Stellar San Francisco afternoon; we may as well be in the midst of a fucking RomCom meet-cute. Across a long, wobbly table in the Castro I’m staring at Meg, willing her to be my muse. I’ve drugged her with copious amounts of caffeine. Inspiration will strike at any moment. We’re surrounded by the pretentious white noise of the unconventionally employed. I bore into Meg’s forehead waiting for genius. I’m pretty certain at this point she’s frozen with discomfort.

Thanks for the first paragraph, Meg. It was well worth it. Continue reading


A Moment of Clarity

I remember sitting in a car, driving the 730 km to Berlin with a bunch of strangers. I had finished college just a couple of days earlier and my decision to move to Berlin was just as nascent. I had no friends and no close family waiting for me, not even a place to stay beyond the first two weeks. Above all, I didn’t have a job.

Looking back, I wasn’t able to fully comprehend it. I did not yet understand what it would take to get settled and find work. My naive 25 year old self should get a medal for moxie. Continue reading

Break it Down

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