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Earlier this year, the eldest sibling in our family began looking into how we treat our environment and its animals. What he discovered led him to make some drastic changes, including becoming a strict vegan. Strict, as in, morally and ethically regarding the treatment of animals for human purposes as a form of slavery.

Good on him, I said. Me and me boyfriend had read Eating Animals the year before and it was my older brother who had pushed cooked chorizo from his wife’s native Spain under our noses last Christmas. I remember taking the chunk with a toothpick thinking, Why can’t people respect I’m cutting out meat? Red oil dribbling down my chin. Continue reading


I am not beautiful

I said this sitting opposite the business end of an incredulous face. How can you not think you’re beautiful, he said. Why does it matter; do you think you’re beautiful? I poignantly retorted. I don’t know… I’ve never thought about it.

And that is my fucking point. Continue reading

We’re Not Supposed To Be Here

We're Not Supposed To Be Here Continue reading

Nothing New

I rushed to the conference. I missed the first day. Judging from the notes on the conference board I missed nothing. Maybe I overlooked something. I check the board again.

My heart races. Have I checked the work emails? I look around. I get some coffee to look busy. I move to the corner to get a better view over the crowd. I count down from ten: zehn, neun, acht, sieben… Nobody I know. I look out the window. The trees are almost without leaves. It is autumn. The year is practically over. Continue reading

Just Call Me Angel of the Morning

Good morning! Yes, you read that right—contrary to my long-standing beliefs, mornings CAN be good.

This past week, I woke up before my alarm and I decided to do the unthinkable: actually get out of bed and be awake. In the morning. When I didn’t have to be. Continue reading

Scooting Towards Success!

Good Morning!

You know what? It is a good morning here in foggy San Francisco. I don’t want to be a grumpus, but I welcome the chilly, damp season. I am sick and tired of all the sunshine and balmy afternoons. It’s November, damn it. Bring the fog and sweater weather already.

It would also make my life a lot easier if the weather could cool it with the beautiful days, so I can actually stay inside in front of my computer, guilt free, and get some work done (like writing this post).

It’s not hard for me to try new things. I love checking out the new restaurant down the street, even if there is a vicious rumor they are a front for the Chinese mafia. On my walks around town, I take new routes so I can smell new parts of the city. (Is it dog poop, or human poop? Behold San Francisco’s rich tapestry!) I don’t like routines – I prefer to spice it up. Continue reading

A Girl & A Bike

LG's bike

ain’t she a beaut’ – complete with grocery bag turned seat condom

Theme:  The new thing I tried


by Laura Gene

I’ve ridden 104 miles on a bicycle in the hilly, winery-laden land of Sonoma, California…all 104 in one-day, an entire work day, like eight hours. And yes, your bum does hurt after sitting for hours on a hard tiny triangular rock they call a seat. That thing nestles right up into your business, and not in a good way. You get used to it though, that and the pins-and-needles numbness in your naughty bits. Continue reading