Scooting Towards Success!

Good Morning!

You know what? It is a good morning here in foggy San Francisco. I don’t want to be a grumpus, but I welcome the chilly, damp season. I am sick and tired of all the sunshine and balmy afternoons. It’s November, damn it. Bring the fog and sweater weather already.

It would also make my life a lot easier if the weather could cool it with the beautiful days, so I can actually stay inside in front of my computer, guilt free, and get some work done (like writing this post).

It’s not hard for me to try new things. I love checking out the new restaurant down the street, even if there is a vicious rumor they are a front for the Chinese mafia. On my walks around town, I take new routes so I can smell new parts of the city. (Is it dog poop, or human poop? Behold San Francisco’s rich tapestry!) I don’t like routines – I prefer to spice it up.

So, when Kat prompted us to write about “trying something new”, I  wasn’t sure which new thing I’ve tackled in the past few weeks might be interesting to anyone besides my mom. I took an orientation class on riding a scooter in the city, which may be my new obsession. I had a beef tendon salad for the first time… that was weird. I ran out of almond milk, so I mixed my protein powder with water this morning – not recommended (it made me sad inside).

These are all distractions, though. The new, scary thing I’m really doing is applying to jobs I actually want and putting myself in front of companies I respect. This might not be so new for other people, but it’s new for me. My dream has always been the theater. I am a playwright and everything else in my life has supported my attempt to be a playwright: I worked part-time theater jobs to keep my schedule open to write; I took a receptionist job so I could get a stable income and benefits, to keep me healthy enough to write; I quit that job, so I could take some substantial time… to write. This is not sustainable, especially in the ever-growing Bay Area housing market.

I need a career. I need something that can support my theater addiction and fulfill me without draining my creative stores. I need to grow up. So, back to cover letters and resumes and trying to stand out amongst the MFA holders and candidates with 5+ years of agency experience. Back to rejection emails and no responses. Back to putting myself out there and mustering up confidence after doors close in my face.

It’s ok, though. I just learned how to drive a scooter, so things are looking up.


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