Just Call Me Angel of the Morning

Good morning! Yes, you read that right—contrary to my long-standing beliefs, mornings CAN be good.

This past week, I woke up before my alarm and I decided to do the unthinkable: actually get out of bed and be awake. In the morning. When I didn’t have to be.

See, this may not seem like a big deal to you, dear reader, but to those close to me, waking up early is not my jam, and it never has been. I’m a low maintenance, only-stop-sleeping-and-rise-from-the-bed-at-the-last-possible-moment kind of gal. I’ve always dismissed that phrase, “You can sleep when you’re dead”. Well, why would I want to pass up the chance to sleep now when I can enjoy every unwaking minute of it? Sleep and I are dear old friends and our relationship goes back a long, long time. To paraphrase the great Albus Dumbledore, “Let us sleep, for in dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own. Let us swim through the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud”. He didn’t even mention the delight of freshly laundered sheets and newly fluffed pillows.

And yet, when I looked at the clock and saw 6 AM in bright lights, I didn’t turn over with a smile and a sigh. Instead, I tiptoed past my second alarm (the dog, naturally) and wandered out of the bedroom and into the living spaces of the house with no idea of what to do from there.

I made a smoothie. I checked some emails. I read a backlog of blogs. I noticed we needed some grocery items, so I bundled up and walked down to the local store. I had a nice chat with my cashier about the weather and that local football team. As I walked home, I noticed I wasn’t the only person out on this crisp sunny morning. There were joggers, dog walkers, early-to-risers, commuters and general neighborhood folk on the sidewalks. Has it always been this way, I thought to myself. Is there a whole world that happens before I even get out of bed every day?

Turns out, there is. And it’s pretty nice once you give it a chance.

I wandered back home and unloaded the groceries with a smile on my face. I should do this every day, I said to myself. Imagine what I’d be able to do if I actually used those usable hours! I could catch up on my writing or watch a movie or draft long lovely emails to far-away friends or maybe simply take the time to appreciate the wonderful aspects of my life that I tend to take for granted. This waking up thing could be exactly the thing I’ve always been missing.

The next day, I awoke to my husband’s early alarm. I checked the time and rolled over with a smile and a sigh. At the last moment before extreme lateness, I leaped out of bed and ran through my morning routine in record speed, making it to work just in the nick of time.

Well. It’s the thought that counts, right?


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