GMGM 2015!


As we all segue into a new year, the GMGM authors provide a few thoughts on the future. Witness the dramatic foretelling of 2015, delusions of grandeur, wonderfully pragmatic (and stealthy!) resolutions, capped by the zen clarity of Elizabeth Gilbert Sharon Rapose.



2015 is the year everything changes, and I do mean everything.



This year, the studio that brought you that one movie about the post-apocalyptic teen heroine, brings you 2015’s most realistic protagonist: MEG, Dialogue Wielder, Coming to a Community Theater Near You.



[The ghost of future Kat, Superhero, humblebragging, NYE 2015]: Can you believe that epic karaoke sesh with Mindy Kaling and Anna Kendrick led to a book deal and Andrew Lloyd Webber begging me to understudy Nicole Scherzinger in Cats? …And that was just January.



I wish for world peace […] if that’s a bit over-complicated and global, can I just be skinny and get a publishing deal for my book and its subsequent film deal starring Javier Bardem, and then a couple of babies (yes, happy to cook twins).



Writing this sentence took about the same time it takes from Hamburg to Munich in an ICE – in 2015 I would like to spend my time more efficiently.



In 2015, I shall relish the day I am sardined in an elevator with 20 fellow Shanghai-ers, understanding every judgmental remark made about the lǎowài in the lift (*me), and upon my exit confidently retorting their commentary with a pithy phrase of pǔtōnghuà, to be matched only by their wide-eyes and slack jaws.





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