Good Morning, superheroes!

© Nicole Keane

© Nicole Keane


GMGM has a fantastic new banner of superhero illustrations brought to us by Nicole Keane: artist and superhero wrangler extraordinaire.

Since she’s forgotten to send us a proper bio, instead opting to traverse the skies towards a long-overdue holiday, the team at GMGM decided to write one on her behalf in gratitude:

Nicole Keane is the unsung eighth Avenger. Currently residing in San Francisco, she was born on a farm in Mongolia where she raised goats and carrots, but dreamed of something more. A woman of many talents, Nicole can draw a Picasso replica in world record time and travels often to display her work in front of stunned audiences, including the Aga Khan, Dalai Lama, Moby and Obama. She has a spectacular tenor voice and once understudied Ricky Martin in Evita. Nicole spends most of her daytime hours at Industrial Light & Magic, doing all the cool things that make us lose our shit at the movies. She also controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to Glitter.

Thanks Nicole!


team GMGM


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