Who we are and What we do


One of the places we were (not) on vacation.


Dear Editor,

It’s been a few weeks. Did GMGM win the lottery and yomp off to an island in the South Pacific to finally put to rest which writer is the biggest misfit? We miss you. Come back or we will have fewer distractions during the workday.


Literally Everyone

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Making Good Choices


Theme: Goldilocks & the Three Bears


by Meg

Our editor gave us the challenge to write a post inspired by the children’s story of Goldilocks. You know, the dumb broad who breaks into a bear’s house and destroys and steals their stuff – but in a cute way? When I tell my niece Ruby this story, she is drawn to Goldi’s choices. Like Ruby, that’s the part of the story we all remember. There were always two extreme choices and one choice that was “just right.” Aww, the privilege. Continue reading