Who we are and What we do


One of the places we were (not) on vacation.


Dear Editor,

It’s been a few weeks. Did GMGM win the lottery and yomp off to an island in the South Pacific to finally put to rest which writer is the biggest misfit? We miss you. Come back or we will have fewer distractions during the workday.


Literally Everyone

Dear Literally Everyone,


Ok. Not really. Not Yet, or, Not Yet in Real Life. Did I forget to mention a temporary leave of absence?…

Bad Editor. But no worries. We are back now!

We are also finally able to put to bed the nagging (of friends and moms and FB newsfeeds) of what exactly, young lady, we are all doing in this shared interwebs space. Here’s that stuff:


What is Good Morning, Good Morning! you ask? Excellent question.

We are writers. Seven women living across the world, sprinkled between three continents and four countries, brought together in 2014 and united by serendipitous encounters with our globetrotting Editor.

Finding ourselves compelled to write – something different, something personal, something just for fun – we needed deadlines and a taskmaster to awaken a collective writing muse. This site serves as our forum. It is an exercise in exploration and creativity, fuelled in part by the adrenaline that accompanies a healthy dose of procrastination.

How does it work?

We write on a shared theme. It may be broad or specific, controversial, or light and fluffy, like delicious waffles. After a theme is determined, each of us takes ample time to contemplate our existence and purpose before – finally – buckling down and rocking out an epic piece of prose in our own style. Each week features a new post by a different writer on the same topic, until we’ve all sufficiently voiced our opinion. When we are lucky, we have a guest writer get in on the action.

And if you want to see our faces, go here.



-Editor & Chief Writer Wrangler-



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