It’s Been a Good Year

THEME: Rearview Review


by Meg

You guys… it’s been quite a year. In July of 2014, I was going through a transition period. I left my office job without any prospects and only one goal: to write.

It was around this time I met Kathryn, a recent addition to my San Francisco family. We were both in the same boat. We wanted to write more. We wanted to find careers that didn’t suck our soul out of our nostrils. We wanted to take advantage of early happy hours on a Tuesday with our flexible schedules. And we did.

Kathryn invited me to write for Good Morning, Good Morning!

Now it’s been over a year since I embarked on being a “writer”, and I am in awe of what some personal space and an open schedule can do for one’s throughput. Behold, my STATS over the past 12 months:

  • 14 GMGM blog posts
  • 3 essays for a science and culture webzine
  • 1 full length play
  • 40 one act plays
  • 60+ sketches (almost 10 have been produced!)
  • 3 professional corporate videos produced (that I wrote)

I was nervous that when I gave myself the opportunity to write, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I was scared that I wouldn’t have anything to say. Now I believe that what I’ve written this year is some of my best work. I’ve discovered what I’m good at and what I actually like to do (writing comedy and being a positive influence on other writers), and what I should be saying ‘no’ to (exciting opportunities that look good on paper but are not contributing to my career as a writer). What a revelation. And a relief.

But I do other things besides write. I perform improv comedy. I help run a free theater company in a bar. I direct. I go camping (sometimes against my will). I read books. I explore San Francisco. I weight-lift at the gym. I talk with my Mom on a regular basis. I obsess over my cat’s diet. I fantasize about chopping off all my hair. I sleep well.

I have said no to a lot of opportunities in 2016, because an important lesson I picked up this year was: just because you have free time doesn’t mean it needs to be filled up. I need some nights at home. I need a week where I don’t have to be anywhere. I need spontaneous nights at a piano bar. This year has given me a great insight into what does and does not work for me, and I will be always grateful I had the chance to say “fuck it, I just want to write”.

So, that’s been my year. Kind of all over the place, a little spastic, but transformative as hell.

I hope my ladies at GMGM have gotten as much out of their year as I have. I know I’ve gotten a lot out of reading their posts. ❤

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