LG – Year One

THEME: Rearview Review


by Laura Gene

The last year for LG looked something like this…

Procrastinate. Write. Make inaugural visit to Japan; delight in the country’s orderliness and politeness. Day of the Dead Pumpkin_CREat best otoro sashimi ever. Write. Pretend there is no such thing as Tequila Shots_CRHalloween and ignore it for the third straight year in a row. Paint Day of the Dead pumpkin because it’s Halloween, and, well, because Reel FX’s Book of Life and I was feeling nostalgic. Stuff piehole with pie, and turkey. Write. Revel in cool, crisp boot-wearing weather. Drink Glühwein. Burn tongue LG Forearm Stand_CRon Glühwein. Procrastinate. Write (a little). Watch grown men take shots of tequila from plastic syringes during an over-hyped holiday hotel brunch. Celebrate Feliz Navidad before everyone takes off for the Western holidays. Snag a spot in Drishti Yoga‘s Pre-Teacher Training program. Ring in the new year with a bit of bubbly at yet another fancy pants hotel brunch. Jet off to Harbin for birthday. Avoid frostbite while perusing larger-than-life snow sculptures and neon-lit ice castles.

Harbin Panorama_CR

Write. Procrastinate. Write some more. Escape the Mainland for Chinese New Year and live it up on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Buy Kyle some much needed new shoes. Probably write again, after watching a bunch of Netflix.

Persia the Handicat. Photo courtesy of Alejandra Vasquez Delama.

Foster a little white ball of kitty fluff; watch her wheel around the apartment looking totes adorbs. Then change her diaper. Write, write, write. Look into buying a jewelry franchise. Decide not to buy said franchise. Jasmine & Justin visit. Squeeze their necks bunches because there’s little time for sightseeing in a 24-hour stopover. Hop over the Pacific for nationwide brewery hop (#bdaybeerbonanza2015) to celebrate Kyle’s 30th, and of course, make face time with friends and fam.

my dear Augi-doggie

my dear Augi-doggie

Buy lots of Western-sized clothes and shoes to smuggle back into China. Pick up the official I’m-married-now-bitches! ring. Flaunt left hand with abandon. Make a bittersweet return home to Shanghai and say a final goodbye to sweet boy-cat Augi. Try to write. Cry. Watch Netflix. Volunteer at children’s orphanage. Cry.

Photo courtesy of Lana Tang

Photo courtesy of Lana Tang

Volunteer at cat shelter. Cry some more. Go back to writing. Escape to Xi’An and stare in awe at the massiveness of the Terracotta Army, and realize how insecure China’s First Emperor must have been. Talk about writing. Procrastinate. Sprinkle in some yoga, Stitch-n-Bitch Shanghai crafting, kickboxing/ boxing, spin class and piano-playing throughout the year.

Write one-year update. Debate word count. Send anyway.


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