Welcome to the AV Club

The future of GMGM. © Jessica Sheehan.

The future of GMGM. © Jessica Sheehan.

THEME: Rearview Review


by Jess (via Kat)

Jess’s hands are full of babies. So Kat wrote this post on her behalf, in her (temporary) absence, with her blessing. These are all Jess’s words – snippets from emails to Kat, giving some insight into the last year, which evolved in the following manner:

From Pre-AV Jess

The babies are fine. I can feel them moving around now, which is SUPREMELY WEIRD. But also very reassuring.


Maybe we’ll know this week what sexes they are, which would make me so happy so people stop frigging asking. I’ve literally been asked that question four times just today.

I dont know

You know my brain is swiss cheese bonkers right now, right? I couldn’t think of the word “stapler” today. I am not to be trusted.

swiss cheese

My t-shirts don’t really fit anymore. Thanks, giant Irish babies.


I’m in childbirth class & won’t be home until late — good grief it’s exhausting to watch other people have children on video. Oh, and also growing children — that’s exhausting too.


To Momma Jess

These girls take up much more brain space than I realized… There are no words to convey how exhausting it is, physically and mentally and emotionally.

brave exhausted

My kids are eating like shit and my neck & head are killing me from being in a constantly bad position to stare down on them while they don’t eat so I haven’t had time to do anything but sleep and attempt to feed my children.

exhausted 2

Good morning

I honestly have no words because I’m too busy crying my hormonal eyes out, but hot diggity damn, I’m sure glad to be a part of this gaggle of ladyfriends. Victoria & Avery (or as Jack calls them The AV Club) will have so many lovely aunties all over the world.

crying happy

I like being a part of this. I like this collective, and I like what we have to say.


We are hilarious. Just downright solidly funny.


The secret seedy underbelly of GMGM!

fight club

(And I read all this to Jack, and he agrees. And he’s terrified that we think in scoobity doo bops.)



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