Meg’s Top 10 Christmas Movies Besides It’s a Wonderful Life

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Editor’s Note: Each writer submitted a list of her Top 10 Anything. These lists will be published over the next few days as we usher in the New Year. We hope 2016 is the year that shakes your snow globe – in the best way possible.

Need advice for next Christmas or a last minute holiday fix? See below for Meg’s list of classics.


by Meg

This post isn’t going to cause any great debates or spark any revelations. We all know and love these movies. I made my top 10 list about Christmas movies because it’s my favorite part of the holiday season. I get to sit in my jammies with my fammies and watch movies that make us laugh or cry. It’s a Wonderful Life is an obvious go-to which I’ve seen every year for the past 15 years, so I wanted to give a shout-out to the other Christmas greats out there! So, here it is: Continue reading


Seasonal Greetings from GMGM!


© Cinzia Zanovello


From San Francisco to Shanghai, we wish you all the best warm snuggles during the holidays!

…Unless it’s hot. Then, for you, we wish top-of-the-line air conditioning, or some really great ventilation and a cold beverage.

Molti baci per tutti.


GMGM’s holiday illustration has been graciously drawn by Cinzia Zanovello. Cinzia is a graphic designer, and brilliant artist, who loves all things creative. She is from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Turin, and has recently started a blog, located here: She is also a wonderful friend, who patiently taught me a thing or two about Italian cooking while in Singapore. Soon, she will reside in Vancouver, where I hope we can resume our lessons and industrial consumption of vino. Thank you, Cinzia!


Where are you from?


Norwegian Nisse by (Flickr Creative Commons)

THEME: Travel


by Kat

First, a scene from my own personal nutshell:

KAT; self. As played by self.

LYFT driver; anyone from anywhere.

(San Francisco; inside a Toyota Prius. The DRIVER in the front of the car begins a conversation with a question straight out of Chit Chat 101. KAT, the passenger in the back, relives, for the 42nd time, the following.)


How long have you lived in the city?

(Looks into the review mirror)

KAT (sighs to herself because she knows where this is going):

Almost two years.

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Writing Retreat

THEME: Travel


by Melissa

This was no ordinary getaway. I had characters without homes, streets with no names, bars without atmosphere. I had to search for authenticity, otherwise I’d remain feeling a fraud.

Fleeing family and jobs, I arrived alone. I had to allow myself this sliver of selfishness. This was me, exhaling.

I had a single bed. Everything in the room was white except the wood floor and a royal-blue chair: the perfect blank canvas. I purchased wine to match artichokes and began indulging, passionately fingering my laptop with oily tips.

I knew nobody. Continue reading

The Best Education

India 048

THEME: Travel


by Sharon

Rather appropriately for a travel post, I write this in a hotel in Mumbai where I’ve stopped for a few hours on the penultimate leg of my trip. Oh, how I love to travel. It’s in my blood. Really.

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