Kat’s Top 10 Settings for the Story of My Year


© Kathryn Baer


Editor’s Note: Each writer submitted a list of her Top 10 Anything. These lists will be published over the next few days as we usher in the New Year. We hope 2016 is the year that shakes your snow globe – in the best way possible.

Here’s Kat’s Top 10 Settings This Year, in no particular order of appearance.


by Kat

  1. Where the music happened: dimly-lit, tambourine-accompanied Korean-style karaoke bars; the Castro Theater; the corner of Polk St and Vallejo, the recording studio for Covers of Covers; Martuni’s, the piano bar, where one’s first will never be the last; and a house on Stanyan St, to prepare for future audiences.

  1. Where the theater happened. Countless shows: stand-up comedy, burlesque, plays, sketch, improv… but we always return to PianoFight.
  1. Where the Family Violence Law Center happened.
  1. Where the food happened. In particular, Naked Kitchen, home of the pop-up dining fundraiser. And where the drinks happened with the people who help me drink them. Li Po, and its classier North Beach crowd-pleaser, Comstock Saloon.
  1. Where the Skype happened. London, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Toronto, Copenhagen.
  1. Where the good intentions went to die: Mission City Swing dancing. The Gym. Cardio Barre classes. The refrigerator.
  1. Where the flying happened. L.A., New Orleans, Seoul, Las Vegas. And where those visitors stepped off the plane to meet us.
  1. Where the movies happened. Like when I went to see a Star War with the crew at LucasFilm.
  1. Where the writing happened. Sketch with Endgames. GMGM from my sofa. One-act plays, pitches to the Editor, dipping toes into the world of Freelance.
  1. Where the San Francisco happened. Finally crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Finding space to breathe and people-watch in the parks. And even experiencing Sacred Grounds coffee house on Open Mic Night. Because some places cannot be described in words.

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