Making It Up as We Go Along – Part III

Gesa Superhero

© 2015 Nicole Keane

Theme: Yes, AND…


by Gesa

While singing, the image of a woman began to form in front of Drucilla’s closed eyes. A young woman, not exactly beautiful, but somehow breathtaking. A person you want to look at. A person you have the urge to talk to. Be with. Be touched by. At least get a glimpse of attention.

Drucilla did not know whom she pictured, but her heart was flooded with warmth. The exact memory of that woman, her mother, was long gone. Her name, her stories. But the sound of her voice, the sound of her laughing hijacked Drucilla’s emotions. The distant memory of her mother made her feel protected and beloved. While singing, she did not see the audience in front of her. Neither did she hear her own voice. Her own singing let her forget that she had forgotten. And suddenly, up on that stage under the spotlight, a flurry of distant memories came fluttering back to her. Continue reading


Money – the last taboo



Theme: Money


by Gesa


Have you ever tried talking about money in Germany? Try it. It is nearly impossible: convention dictates that talking about money is not accepted – at least if you have it.

If you want to get rid of annoying small-talkers at a party, make colleagues really uncomfortable at work or infuriate your friends: Talk about how much money you make! But, as with any other topic: if nobody wants to talk about it it is high time to do just that. Because it is a vicious circle. Continue reading

Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei

Theme: The End.


by Gesa


For hours now I have been sitting in front of my computer and trying to figure out a good story about this month’s theme: The End. And I have to admit nothing comes to my mind, or at least nothing I am ready yet to share. Subconsciously, I might have known all along that this theme, for me, is all about one experience. Continue reading

A random obituary to Pink


Theme: We’re all using the same photo to fictionalize a backstory.


by Gesa


The day Pink was born there was no sunshine. On her birthday it was certain that she would leave the world she was just brought into within the following 180 days. Before her birth she was damned to die by the butcher. She was never to see daylight, or rain, or night. All she saw and felt were her siblings, the teats of her mother and the warmth of the red light nurturing her. Her only purpose in life was to gain 220lbs. Continue reading

A Birthday To Remember


Theme: Obsession.


by Gesa


I remember when it started. It was my 10th birthday. A milestone birthday:  I would get to add another digit to my age! I’d have to turn 100 years old for something so big to happen again.

So, on my 10th birthday I was appropriately excited. However, because my actual birthday fell on a weekday, my family and I decided to delay the party to the following weekend. I  felt really grown up to agree to this decision beforehand.

It turned out I hadn’t taken into consideration that on my actual birthday, nobody would pay too much attention to me. In effect, everyone just ignored the fact that it was my special day. They all just went along as if it were a day like every other. Not even the weather was on my side that particular day in November. It was unusually cold even for a rainy fall day. There was no way I was going to play outside alone. I hung around the house, watching my family go about their business, and naturally I was bored. VERY bored. Continue reading

Lets talk feminism – NOT. I am done.


Theme: Get it off your chest.


by Gesa

A polemical pamphlet

Among the women in my peer group, one particular aspect of the feminist debate is constantly discussed: the compatibility of having a career while, at the same time, maintaining a family and raising children. To be clear, this is, for the most part, the debate of a privileged few. Still, there is something about that discussion that irritates me: Continue reading

Women Rituals with HIM


Theme: The personal rituals shared between lady friends.


Written by Gesa

I feel a little embarrassed to write about my “lady ritual”. Reading what my co-authors wrote made me feel egotistic about what I do, and a little unsure about my character. I feel unfaithful towards my friends and, clearly, towards my boyfriend.

Let me explain. Continue reading