Seasonal Greetings from GMGM!


© Cinzia Zanovello


From San Francisco to Shanghai, we wish you all the best warm snuggles during the holidays!

…Unless it’s hot. Then, for you, we wish top-of-the-line air conditioning, or some really great ventilation and a cold beverage.

Molti baci per tutti.


GMGM’s holiday illustration has been graciously drawn by Cinzia Zanovello. Cinzia is a graphic designer, and brilliant artist, who loves all things creative. She is from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Turin, and has recently started a blog, located here: She is also a wonderful friend, who patiently taught me a thing or two about Italian cooking while in Singapore. Soon, she will reside in Vancouver, where I hope we can resume our lessons and industrial consumption of vino. Thank you, Cinzia!


Good Morning, superheroes!

© Nicole Keane

© Nicole Keane


GMGM has a fantastic new banner of superhero illustrations brought to us by Nicole Keane: artist and superhero wrangler extraordinaire.

Since she’s forgotten to send us a proper bio, instead opting to traverse the skies towards a long-overdue holiday, the team at GMGM decided to write one on her behalf in gratitude:

Nicole Keane is the unsung eighth Avenger. Currently residing in San Francisco, she was born on a farm in Mongolia where she raised goats and carrots, but dreamed of something more. A woman of many talents, Nicole can draw a Picasso replica in world record time and travels often to display her work in front of stunned audiences, including the Aga Khan, Dalai Lama, Moby and Obama. She has a spectacular tenor voice and once understudied Ricky Martin in Evita. Nicole spends most of her daytime hours at Industrial Light & Magic, doing all the cool things that make us lose our shit at the movies. She also controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to Glitter.

Thanks Nicole!


team GMGM

A Crash Course on Saving Bank When You’re a Broke-Ass

Jamie pic

Theme: Money


Written by Jamie Uyeshiro*, Brilliant Guest Blogger 

Once upon a time there was a woman who was poor as shit. She was so poor she snacked exclusively on diner-ganked saltine crackers smothered in grape jelly. She accepted date invites so she could do fun things like eat food. Despite her destitute she thrived. Except replace “thrived” with “didn’t die”. And now she wants to help you also not die and live the rest of your dumb life as a not-dead-person. Continue reading

On the Bonfire

bonfireboxes1 copy

Theme: Get it off your chest.

Written by Emmeline May*, Brilliant Guest Blogger


Lately I’ve been building a bonfire in my head. It’s a pretty big bonfire. I’ve stopped expressing myself in actual words and have found myself merely screaming “F**K THIS SHIT. PUT IT ON THE BONFIRE!” at the computer screen. Or the TV screen. Or, on one occasion, at my friend across the table at lunch, which surprised her so much she dropped her fork.

The bonfire is made, largely, of pink and blue boxes. Pink boxes contain all the things which tell women how and what they are meant to be and like. Blue boxes contain everything men are meant to do and be and want. Continue reading

Never Mind the Manners

Natasha pic

Theme: When something changes – good or bad. A twist of events, an unexpected turn of events, a change in the wind, weather, love, whatever.

Written by Natasha Young*, Brilliant Guest Blogger

There was once an episode of the British comedy programme The Mighty Boosh called ‘Nanageddon’. A diminutive grandmother was the devil incarnate and she summoned an evil hoard of elderly killer knitters. Were that to happen in real life, those grannies would be Catalan and the mayhem would start in Barcelona. Continue reading

Happiest of Holidays from GMGM!

curls_goodmorning copy

We hope you are celebrating what you love with whomever you love, wherever that has taken you this holiday season.

This illustration is brought to GMGM by the brilliant Carolyn Belefski (to whom I am now eternally indebted) and was commissioned out of gratitude for my fellow misfits.



Carolyn creates and publishes original comics and illustrations, including her comic strip Curls. She became a National Cartoonists Society member in 2012, and is currently serving as a Washington, DC chapter board member. With NCS, she started the annual blood drive, Cartoonists Draw Blood, with the American Red Cross. Her freelance illustration and design clients include Boom! Studios (Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time comic), Clorox, and National Geographic. Carolyn has exhibited at many comic conventions and art fairs on the east coast. You can view Carolyn’s work online at and follow her on Twitter @CarolynBelefski.

[Witty Awesome Title Will Appear Here Soon]

You think you’re ready, but you have no idea.

More to come very soon.