Meg’s Top 10 Christmas Movies Besides It’s a Wonderful Life

eating tree


Editor’s Note: Each writer submitted a list of her Top 10 Anything. These lists will be published over the next few days as we usher in the New Year. We hope 2016 is the year that shakes your snow globe – in the best way possible.

Need advice for next Christmas or a last minute holiday fix? See below for Meg’s list of classics.


by Meg

This post isn’t going to cause any great debates or spark any revelations. We all know and love these movies. I made my top 10 list about Christmas movies because it’s my favorite part of the holiday season. I get to sit in my jammies with my fammies and watch movies that make us laugh or cry. It’s a Wonderful Life is an obvious go-to which I’ve seen every year for the past 15 years, so I wanted to give a shout-out to the other Christmas greats out there! So, here it is: Continue reading



THEME: Travel


by Meg

International travel has never been easier. Flights are plentiful and somewhat affordable, and vacation destinations are growing more and more accommodating to English speakers. There are plenty of places around the globe to stick your feet in the sand, get a fruity-rum drink, and kick back. Thanks to one app, though, traveling has never been more stressful: Instagram, which enables your friends to follow your feed, living their future vacation vicariously through your current one. Your friends need you to have an amazing vacation because they need to know their next vacation can be amazing, too! That’s a lot of pressure, you guys!

Continue reading

The Birds and the Barbies

Barbie and Ken

THEME: Sex, Love & Intimacy


by Meg

When I was a little girl, the only thing I needed to be happy was my Barbie collection. An afternoon alone would not bother me, because I could hunker down in my rosebud-wallpapered bedroom to play. I’d pull out my favorite brunette Barbie and my most handsome Ken – wearing his signature denim jacket (swoon) – and I was complete. I would put them in the pink Porsche convertible with real working headlights and drive around the hallway with the doors closed so it was dark and romantic. I would like to tell you that I invented wonderful adventures, and that all my Barbies had very impressive careers, but I can’t. For 99% of the time my Barbies were in my hands… they were boinking.


Bumping uglies… well, plastic mounds. Continue reading

It’s Been a Good Year

THEME: Rearview Review


by Meg

You guys… it’s been quite a year. In July of 2014, I was going through a transition period. I left my office job without any prospects and only one goal: to write.

It was around this time I met Kathryn, a recent addition to my San Francisco family. We were both in the same boat. We wanted to write more. We wanted to find careers that didn’t suck our soul out of our nostrils. We wanted to take advantage of early happy hours on a Tuesday with our flexible schedules. And we did. Continue reading

Making Good Choices


Theme: Goldilocks & the Three Bears


by Meg

Our editor gave us the challenge to write a post inspired by the children’s story of Goldilocks. You know, the dumb broad who breaks into a bear’s house and destroys and steals their stuff – but in a cute way? When I tell my niece Ruby this story, she is drawn to Goldi’s choices. Like Ruby, that’s the part of the story we all remember. There were always two extreme choices and one choice that was “just right.” Aww, the privilege. Continue reading

Making It Up As We Go Along – The 6th Part


Theme: Yes, AND…


by Meg

“Right, a song. Umm…” As Drucilla stood up, still tonguing peanut butter from the roof of her mouth, she tried to think of a song for her guest. “Any requests?”

“Your go-to shower song.” Lesley reclined on the sofa while helping herself to a second spoonful of peanutty delight.

Shower. Part of her prescribed routine. A routine can be very helpful for people in your condition. Every morning, in a daze, she stumbles from her bed towards the bathroom. She carefully takes off her pajamas, folds them neatly in a stack, which she rests on the tank of the toilet, and reaches her hand under the showerhead to test the water. Once it is scalding, she stands under the intense jet of heat, and “lathers, rinses, repeats”. Even a shower, something she must have done thousands of times, feels foreign.

And she doesn’t have a shower song… that she knows of. Continue reading

Bon Voyage 20’s!

Birthday Candles by Romel

Theme: The End.


by Meg

In a few short months I will turn 30. I know I’m supposed to panic, but I’m not the type of person who fears getting older. In fact, I told my friend Vivianna that I was 26 since I was 23. I’ve come clean with her now so I don’t have to keep living a lie. I don’t worry about getting older because my life has only gotten better with each year. My only twinge of sadness comes from saying goodbye to the decade that formed me. My 20’s were a wild ride filled with discovery and it’s sad to see the decade go. I have every intention of making my 30’s an adventure, but until I get there, I want to remember the past ten years before they come to an end – the good, the bad, the formative, the strange, the complicated, the beautiful roaring 20’s of my life.

Join me on this journey through the past, won’t you? Continue reading