Must Be the Season of the Wedding

Good morning!

I post pictures of my in-laws’ backyardyou post pictures of Vietnam.  I see how it is.

So where have I been and what have I been up to, missy?  As you know, it’s sticky, sweaty summertime here in DC, and when it’s summer and you’re of a certain age, it can only mean one thing.  Oh that’s right, it’s Wedding Season– that wonderful time of year when you spend a ton of money on new pretty dresses, hotel rooms in remote parts of the country, and expensive kitchen products and/or fancy towels for people you’ve known since before either of you cared about expensive kitchen products and/or fancy towels.  Hopefully, these thoughtful expenditures will all pay off (heh heh) in the end, as in you’re treated to a delicious meal, an open bar, and more dancing than you’ll do for the rest of the year. Continue reading


Merry Old Land of Aus

Good morning!

I am busy packing.

I’m lying. I’m facing a FWP: I don’t want to pack.

Tomorrow, hubs and I are headed to Australia for 12 days. I love that it’s winter there, but find it difficult to envisage the necessity for sweaters while faced with frizzy hair and obstinate perspiration. Continue reading


Peanut butter, Kaya, and tons of salty water

Good morning!

I literally just ate a peanut butter and Kaya sandwich.  I wish I could hug you.

A few weekends ago, Larry & I went to his parents’ house for a weekend of preparing for Larry’s sister’s wedding (which is approaching VERY QUICKLY) and the mutual hanging out of my parents and his parents.  Yes, you read that right.  Sometimes, I feel I am so lucky to have married into an awesome family who loves me like their own.  Other times, I get very confused.

Enjoy these cell phone shots of our lovely, relaxing, wine-filled weekend. Continue reading

My Nerdy Thirties

Good morning!

So that list… certain parts of it make me cringe.  Why include the tools with the bra?  Will women only buy tools if bras are also on the shopping list?  Also, what kind of umbrella is shame-inducing?  Honestly, if I still had my New Kids umbrella (you read that right), I would rock that bad boy all the time.  However, after reading your thoughts regarding Turning 30 and All The Things That We Should Have Done But Haven’t So Now We Should Feel the Heavy Burden of Shame, I wanted to share my own take, which is tentatively titled Turning 30 and How I Stay Young At Heart While Remaining Mature In Brain. Continue reading

Deep Thoughts: Turning 30

Good morning!

Incredulously, it’s been almost two weeks since I last saw you (for reals?). But (twist!) it has been almost two months since my last post. Reconciling these two facts might be confusing. On one hand, you’ve just experienced a week of unimaginatively fulfilling me time and not much has changed since our last meeting (except I’m about 6lbs up, due to a hearty consumption of soju, hot donuts, rice wine and sequel dinners). On the other, not being in touch with my virtual existence must have left an unimaginable void. Luckily, there was plenty of information swimming around my wee brain during our recent holiday that I forgot to tell you in person and now get to expunge via the interwebs.

As you know, I’ve been 30 years old for approximately 48 days now (depending on what time zone you read this in and when I actually get around to posting), so I am now officially an expert (on being 30). In an ongoing effort to build this expertise, I occasionally scour the webs to make sure I’m the best in my, er, field. So, you can only guess how excited I was when I came across a HuffPo article during a bout of extreme procrastination research: an article praising a book devised by some clever and clearly unbiased expert (read: celebrities) detailing a handy list of lady-specific things I should have physically or psychologically attained by 30. As we’ve discussed, I LOVE a good list – yes please. Continue reading

Jessica Says #2 (aka the superhero edition)

Good morning!

I am so excited for The Avengers that it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  SO, I thought I’d hit you up with a Jessica Says that’s all themed and whatnot. Continue reading

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Good morning!!

Did you know that I am one of the first people to see The Hunger Games?

It’s true!  In a moment of sheer dumb luck, I won 2 tickets to attend Wednesday night’s advanced screening of one of the biggest movies in recent years.  When I announced (via Twitter, natch) that I’d won these tickets, a tidal wave made of congratulations and jealousy slammed into me, followed by pleas to “Take me with you!”  However, I had to go with the vows on this one, so I went with Larry.  (Oh, from now on, I’m referring to Hubs as Larry.  You know why.)  It was a fairly strange event, as I’ve never attended an advanced screening like this before, so I thought I’d tell you all about it.  Live through me! Continue reading