Seasonal Greetings from GMGM!


© Cinzia Zanovello


From San Francisco to Shanghai, we wish you all the best warm snuggles during the holidays!

…Unless it’s hot. Then, for you, we wish top-of-the-line air conditioning, or some really great ventilation and a cold beverage.

Molti baci per tutti.


GMGM’s holiday illustration has been graciously drawn by Cinzia Zanovello. Cinzia is a graphic designer, and brilliant artist, who loves all things creative. She is from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Turin, and has recently started a blog, located here: She is also a wonderful friend, who patiently taught me a thing or two about Italian cooking while in Singapore. Soon, she will reside in Vancouver, where I hope we can resume our lessons and industrial consumption of vino. Thank you, Cinzia!



Happiest of Holidays from GMGM!

curls_goodmorning copy

We hope you are celebrating what you love with whomever you love, wherever that has taken you this holiday season.

This illustration is brought to GMGM by the brilliant Carolyn Belefski (to whom I am now eternally indebted) and was commissioned out of gratitude for my fellow misfits.



Carolyn creates and publishes original comics and illustrations, including her comic strip Curls. She became a National Cartoonists Society member in 2012, and is currently serving as a Washington, DC chapter board member. With NCS, she started the annual blood drive, Cartoonists Draw Blood, with the American Red Cross. Her freelance illustration and design clients include Boom! Studios (Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time comic), Clorox, and National Geographic. Carolyn has exhibited at many comic conventions and art fairs on the east coast. You can view Carolyn’s work online at and follow her on Twitter @CarolynBelefski.

‘Tis the Season of Deutschmas

Melissa & Gesa continue our coauthored festivity via Germany…

My co-author Melissa (aka MillyJK) is thinking of spending the rest of her life with a German guy. Here is what she is getting into:

In Germany, Christmas is a season just like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. It starts in the middle of November with a panic attack. Twenty-four little parcels wait to be packed for your loved ones. Each a declaration of love. Each worth a small fortune. Meanwhile in the UK, we’re given 2-for-£1 advent calendars filled with what tastes, increasingly through the years, like dog chocolate. Continue reading

The Reason for the Season: Jammies

Continuing with the co-authored holiday posts, Jessica and Meg tell us about what the holidays mean to them.

J: To me, holidays mean traditions. Every song makes you think of some Christmas years before. Even the smallest moment can bring back memories of shopping with your parents or driving to your grandparents’ house or sitting under the tree to stare at the twinkling lights.

M: Meanwhile to me, holidays mean change. The holidays come at that time of year where I really notice the milestones, like when my brother had facial hair for the first time (because my Dad kept asking him to shave the ass-hair off of his face), or that year we all finally admitted we didn’t believe in Santa Claus even though we still put out cookies and milk (JK, Santa is totes real, relax guys). At the end of the year, while I look forward to the year to come, I can’t help but look back and see how my family has grown. Continue reading


This week we are co-authoring posts. Uncharted waters here at GMGM. LG & Kat brave the first attempt…

Bing Crosby croons for snow in the midst of a cinematic post-war tribute surrounded by fairy-costumed children and iconic set design. Copious amounts of powdered flakes appear, to sentimental climax, defying local movie meteorologists to the delight of cast and audience.

Arrogant, mystical, weather-defying genie bastard.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s December swelters in 90% humidity matched only by the 90° temperature. Sweat streaming from our foreheads marks each roll of fat by a thin wet crease. December might as well be July – equaled in misery. Distained by the abundant Christmas lighting gaudily encumbering every mall, we gawk at faux pines saturated by all offending colors and blinding amounts of tinsel. Continue reading