Money – the last taboo



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by Gesa


Have you ever tried talking about money in Germany? Try it. It is nearly impossible: convention dictates that talking about money is not accepted – at least if you have it.

If you want to get rid of annoying small-talkers at a party, make colleagues really uncomfortable at work or infuriate your friends: Talk about how much money you make! But, as with any other topic: if nobody wants to talk about it it is high time to do just that. Because it is a vicious circle. Continue reading


A Crash Course on Saving Bank When You’re a Broke-Ass

Jamie pic

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Written by Jamie Uyeshiro*, Brilliant Guest Blogger 

Once upon a time there was a woman who was poor as shit. She was so poor she snacked exclusively on diner-ganked saltine crackers smothered in grape jelly. She accepted date invites so she could do fun things like eat food. Despite her destitute she thrived. Except replace “thrived” with “didn’t die”. And now she wants to help you also not die and live the rest of your dumb life as a not-dead-person. Continue reading

The Five Characters Of Money

the five characters

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by Sharon

You know ’em.

Continue reading

Make it Rain

Meg rain

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by Kat

This week it’s all about the money (money, money…). Another day, another dollar. Stream-of-conscious brainstorm. Boom. Hurricane season.

At the moment: Take the course, pitch the article, connect – savvy, polished, professional wordsmith. Freelance to freedom. Transitional spending: track this, save that. I spend money like water and the going rate for creativity is allocated to a shoestring slush fund. Continue reading


Shredded Credit Cards

© 2011 Brandon Dimcheff

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by Laura Gene

I’ve got the greatest job in the world. Yes, you should be jealous. In a world of job scarcity and uncertainty, I’ve got a good, cushy job. I’ve got my own private quarters, secluded from the metal rumblings on one side of the dividers and the annoying rotating group of passersby on the other that slide in and out, interrupting my solitude. I’ve got it made and I know it. I’m the life of the party. I can make it rain on demand and at will. I make things happen! But I am rather polarizing: people either love me or hate me – the topic of many heated dinner conversations, I’m sure.

No job is perfect however. My boss over-does it from time to time, going a little overboard with purchasing expenditures. I take some responsibility for his actions. After all, I am a bit of an enabler and don’t like confrontation much. But these people, god, they seriously do it to themselves. Fortunately for me, it at least gives me job security. Continue reading

The House that Jack Shit Built

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by Melissa

My main bug bear with money right now is housing. I need a bigger place to home an upcoming family. We are not yet in a position to buy. The housing market has surged into crazy anxiety-inducing prices. Just when I think it can’t get more expensive, prices go up another 10%. And one thing I really don’t like, is being in debt. Continue reading