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One of the places we were (not) on vacation.


Dear Editor,

It’s been a few weeks. Did GMGM win the lottery and yomp off to an island in the South Pacific to finally put to rest which writer is the biggest misfit? We miss you. Come back or we will have fewer distractions during the workday.


Literally Everyone

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Good Morning, superheroes!

© Nicole Keane

© Nicole Keane


GMGM has a fantastic new banner of superhero illustrations brought to us by Nicole Keane: artist and superhero wrangler extraordinaire.

Since she’s forgotten to send us a proper bio, instead opting to traverse the skies towards a long-overdue holiday, the team at GMGM decided to write one on her behalf in gratitude:

Nicole Keane is the unsung eighth Avenger. Currently residing in San Francisco, she was born on a farm in Mongolia where she raised goats and carrots, but dreamed of something more. A woman of many talents, Nicole can draw a Picasso replica in world record time and travels often to display her work in front of stunned audiences, including the Aga Khan, Dalai Lama, Moby and Obama. She has a spectacular tenor voice and once understudied Ricky Martin in Evita. Nicole spends most of her daytime hours at Industrial Light & Magic, doing all the cool things that make us lose our shit at the movies. She also controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to Glitter.

Thanks Nicole!


team GMGM

I Am Not an Activist

Is it just me or is it really rough out there? I’ve been avoiding social media like the plague. I go to Facebook for links to sloth articles, but now find myself bombarded with tragic headlines. It’s not just social media. It’s not just the internet. It’s in the water. It’s airborne. There are awful things happening all around us and lots of shitty things being said and… well, I am not ok with that.

And here are the reasons why I have kept my mouth shut.

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2 Lemons, 1 Blerg.

Once upon a time this blog contained observations, musings, and other exciting moments from DC to Singapore. It showcased:

The story of two awesome ladies: J (aka, me) and K. Back when we lived in the same state, we essentially ran this town – and by “ran this town,” I mean we drank all the wine and judged all of the people. Clearly, it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to the DC metro area.

That is, until someone got the bright idea to pack up everything and move halfway around the globe. Now, we’re separated by a manifest destiny’s worth of land, a ridiculously large ocean, and more time zones than you can shake a stick at.

That doesn’t mean we still can’t run this town.

Our solution? Spread this awesomeness between us like a really awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich via the interwebs. We are here to reflect upon the mundanity and minutiae of our lives while acting like it’s amazingly new and different than everyone else’s mundanity and minutiae.

Except… for the one of us living in a completely unfamiliar and foreign country, it *is* amazingly new and different.

Stay tuned for more from K and me. We’ll talk about our lives in deep and meaningful ways while emulating Liz Lemon much more than should really be allowed outside of 30 Rock.

That was Part I.

In keeping up with our own transitions, including (even more) migration, the blog was unfairly left as a repository of dusty (albeit timeless and witty) conversation.

Part II is a reinvigorated GMGM. After collecting deep thoughts and unpacking baggage, the blog is bigger and better. This time there are more awesome ladies. Writer ladies. Ladies with all the feelings. And opinions. And such.

Stay tuned.

[Witty Awesome Title Will Appear Here Soon]

You think you’re ready, but you have no idea.

More to come very soon.