Seasonal Greetings from GMGM!


© Cinzia Zanovello


From San Francisco to Shanghai, we wish you all the best warm snuggles during the holidays!

…Unless it’s hot. Then, for you, we wish top-of-the-line air conditioning, or some really great ventilation and a cold beverage.

Molti baci per tutti.


GMGM’s holiday illustration has been graciously drawn by Cinzia Zanovello. Cinzia is a graphic designer, and brilliant artist, who loves all things creative. She is from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Turin, and has recently started a blog, located here: She is also a wonderful friend, who patiently taught me a thing or two about Italian cooking while in Singapore. Soon, she will reside in Vancouver, where I hope we can resume our lessons and industrial consumption of vino. Thank you, Cinzia!



Where are you from?


Norwegian Nisse by (Flickr Creative Commons)

THEME: Travel


by Kat

First, a scene from my own personal nutshell:

KAT; self. As played by self.

LYFT driver; anyone from anywhere.

(San Francisco; inside a Toyota Prius. The DRIVER in the front of the car begins a conversation with a question straight out of Chit Chat 101. KAT, the passenger in the back, relives, for the 42nd time, the following.)


How long have you lived in the city?

(Looks into the review mirror)

KAT (sighs to herself because she knows where this is going):

Almost two years.

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Writing Retreat

THEME: Travel


by Melissa

This was no ordinary getaway. I had characters without homes, streets with no names, bars without atmosphere. I had to search for authenticity, otherwise I’d remain feeling a fraud.

Fleeing family and jobs, I arrived alone. I had to allow myself this sliver of selfishness. This was me, exhaling.

I had a single bed. Everything in the room was white except the wood floor and a royal-blue chair: the perfect blank canvas. I purchased wine to match artichokes and began indulging, passionately fingering my laptop with oily tips.

I knew nobody. Continue reading

The Best Education

India 048

THEME: Travel


by Sharon

Rather appropriately for a travel post, I write this in a hotel in Mumbai where I’ve stopped for a few hours on the penultimate leg of my trip. Oh, how I love to travel. It’s in my blood. Really.

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THEME: Travel


by Meg

International travel has never been easier. Flights are plentiful and somewhat affordable, and vacation destinations are growing more and more accommodating to English speakers. There are plenty of places around the globe to stick your feet in the sand, get a fruity-rum drink, and kick back. Thanks to one app, though, traveling has never been more stressful: Instagram, which enables your friends to follow your feed, living their future vacation vicariously through your current one. Your friends need you to have an amazing vacation because they need to know their next vacation can be amazing, too! That’s a lot of pressure, you guys!

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Getting Better Every Day


Baby Max Knight photograph by Elle Fallon Photography,

THEME: Sex, Love & Intimacy


by Melissa

Once I believed that when love came to me, (sing the Mamas and the Papas) It would come with rockets, bells and poetry…

I had this idea of love too. Exploding fireworks and dazzlement. That love would hit me like lightning transforms the sky as described in that cheesy film, Four Weddings and a Funeral: “Thunderbolt City.”

Perhaps it’s the media, or those pop songs that pine for the other and pull at our heart strings. Films that ramp up “get the girl” moments of frantic running towards airports or train stations just in the nick of time for a reunited kiss, when in real life, such acts of “courage” resemble desperation and usually end in tears. Don’t do it people. Trust me. Nobody is ever there at the gate, shoulders turning theatrically waiting for you to arrive. They’re on the plane sat happily browsing the film guide. They’re not at the train station platform with ears pricked for your clacking footsteps; they caught the 17:25 and got home early. They’re drinking beers with friends or reading books at the library or buying fish or any other of the insurmountable ways the object of desire is otherwise occupied. Continue reading

Business Time

Business timeTHEME: Sex, Love & Intimacy


by Kat

Intimate conversations about sex and body stuff forge fast bonds between friends. I’m hard-pressed to think of a close friend with whom I have avoided either of these subjects. Hi, my name is Carrie Bradshaw and Like many women, I have an on-call investigatory committee, ready to seriously assess/ dissect abnormalities and trends, or provide a laugh when necessary. A perfect example: the prospect of bleaching one’s asshole, as illustrated by Chelsea Handler. I have, for instance, a sex educator pal, faithful in her willingness to discuss opinions on everything from kinks to bodily freak-outs. She also isn’t afraid to use the word fuck to a great extent, which I find reassuring. She’s the Shazza to my Bridget Jones. Also on speed dial: a friend from elementary school who’s gamely unstuck me from more than one dressing room lingerie garment, and another who keeps me on consultation for sex toy shopping (she thinks I know things). Continue reading