Time Ticks By So Slowly

Theme: When something changes – good or bad. A twist of events, an unexpected turn of events, a change in the wind, weather, love, whatever.


Written by Jessica

Right now, change is like another person who lives in my house, though change doesn’t pay rent. (Change is apparently a squatter.) I know that everything will be very different soon. I become more aware of it with every shirt that I can’t wear anymore and with every little kick I feel. I know that, for me and mine, nothing will ever be the same, and these next few months are the last pieces of my old life. My “Me and My Dude and My Dog” life, which currently involves a lot of sofa snuggles, snacks, and streaming TV. I won’t lie to you—it’s super great. Yet, with every new episode of Breaking Bad we watch, I become acutely aware that our evenings will be spent in a much different fashion than this, much sooner than I realize. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling me.

Then why do I feel like it’s taking so… dang… LONG?

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