More Than Passing Fancies

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Theme: Obsession.


by Sharon

A friend asked me once, “If you had to choose, would you rather be someone who is easily interested, or easily bored?” I almost blurted out, “Easily bored!” but then stopped myself. Since I was a kid, I’ve found it hard to stick with things, always naturally curious about the new. But, I realized, that means I’m easily interested, too.

As I’ve gotten older, my brain flits (a bit) less and some fancies have stuck, which has come as a relief. Also, I’ve discovered that by doing what it takes to re-invent, re-discover and stay enthusiastic, I’m able to stick with things. It feels great, even better than the buzz of the new. It’s like training myself to specialize: attending seminars and events; reminding myself of past experiences (to keep viewing a show beyond episode five); reading up on everything about an interest to learn and stay current.

The good news is: it’s possible to train yourself to stick at it. Constantly flitting is no good for anyone. But I now have an obsession with a small, blue, cartoon koala.

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Never Mind the Manners

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Theme: When something changes – good or bad. A twist of events, an unexpected turn of events, a change in the wind, weather, love, whatever.

Written by Natasha Young*, Brilliant Guest Blogger

There was once an episode of the British comedy programme The Mighty Boosh called ‘Nanageddon’. A diminutive grandmother was the devil incarnate and she summoned an evil hoard of elderly killer knitters. Were that to happen in real life, those grannies would be Catalan and the mayhem would start in Barcelona. Continue reading