More Than Passing Fancies

Blu - courtesy of Viber

Theme: Obsession.


by Sharon

A friend asked me once, “If you had to choose, would you rather be someone who is easily interested, or easily bored?” I almost blurted out, “Easily bored!” but then stopped myself. Since I was a kid, I’ve found it hard to stick with things, always naturally curious about the new. But, I realized, that means I’m easily interested, too.

As I’ve gotten older, my brain flits (a bit) less and some fancies have stuck, which has come as a relief. Also, I’ve discovered that by doing what it takes to re-invent, re-discover and stay enthusiastic, I’m able to stick with things. It feels great, even better than the buzz of the new. It’s like training myself to specialize: attending seminars and events; reminding myself of past experiences (to keep viewing a show beyond episode five); reading up on everything about an interest to learn and stay current.

The good news is: it’s possible to train yourself to stick at it. Constantly flitting is no good for anyone. But I now have an obsession with a small, blue, cartoon koala.

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