Roots of Friendship

Theme: The personal rituals shared between lady friends.

Written by Melissa

One thing I’m not good at is routine or rituals. I find it a struggle to stick to a rigid timetable. I’m the queen of variation. Was amongst those who skipped with joy at the introduction of flexible work hours. And “lady rituals” are a no no. It’s a struggle to put deodorant on. I wax my legs only because it means I don’t have to bother with them for another six weeks, and even then, my work is patchy, literally. Too many summer engagements when I’d look down to see a hairy bracelet around one ankle. I avoid any interference with my bikini line as I’ve found pruning requires extra effort and any hair with follicles like eagle claws deserves to stay there. They only punish you with in-growing hair and puss bubbles. Besides there’s never a good time to own an itchy crack. Continue reading