Lets talk feminism – NOT. I am done.


Theme: Get it off your chest.


by Gesa

A polemical pamphlet

Among the women in my peer group, one particular aspect of the feminist debate is constantly discussed: the compatibility of having a career while, at the same time, maintaining a family and raising children. To be clear, this is, for the most part, the debate of a privileged few. Still, there is something about that discussion that irritates me: Continue reading


Letting The Days Go By

Y’all? I like to talk. I like to vocalize my problems and chat about life and generally share all of my thoughts with anyone who will listen. This is partially because my voice is top notch in all situations, but the main reason is that I need the reassurance that my mind is in the right place. For longer than I’m going to admit on the internet, I’ve been dealing with some fairly personal goings-on, and I made the decision early on to keep it quiet. It went against everything in nature to shut my yapper, but I figured I’d try something new for a change. Continue reading